Loving Annabelle

PUSS was commissioned to design the Original Set Paintings while also providing Physical Props (paintings at various stages of completion) which allowed the actress, Gustine Fudickar to portray the artist "Cat Pegrum" through works of PUSS. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

PUSS Original Painting "Dreaming of Willows" in "Willow Rosenberg's" (Alyson Hannigan) room.

Joan of Arcadia

"Grace Polk" (Becky Wahlstrom) wearing "Tom" PUSS tee shirt.


Original PUSS Paintings surround the set of "The Oxford" bar.

Robot Chicken

Guest Appearance by PUSS graphics on the set of Robot Chicken.

Movie Graphics

PUSS graphics in action.

CBS News

"Our Man Mike" Segment on PUSS... The Early Years.  Original PUSS Paintings were first introduced in Los Angeles hot spot -  The Daily Grind.

The UkeLeiMes CD Cover

PUSS Original Album Art

Destroy All Monthly Magazine 

Los Angeles, local rag - Destroy All Monthly article on PUSS.