I am PUSS (aka Steven Charles Sutphen) and my mission is to inspire your inner “catitude.”  With the wisdom of a stray, PUSS explores themes of solidarity, survival, spirituality, higher consciousness, sexuality & humor.  

I found my voice in 2000 through the character “PUSS.”  As a scrappy, starving artist in Los Angeles, I clawed my way into respected galleries, film & television sets & into the hearts & homes of art enthusiasts & celebrities.  Life was grand while climbing up but like a cat stuck in a tree, once reaching the top, I yearned for something in the great beyond... so I POUNCED… and landed on all four paws in Eugene, Oregon.

PUSS forces you to live in the now so that every experience becomes a building block for the future.  Today, I create shagadelic feline icons in a pop art backdrop that demand your attention… right meow.